Lung Cancer Survivor: Unable To Continue Chemotherapy, But Tian Xian Let Me Live Healthier!

Tan Seng

Male / 65 years old / Lung Cancer / Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

I am 62 years old, and have been having diabetes, hypertension and asthma for many years. In September 2001, I started to have breathing difficulty and shortness of breath. Though the doctor asked me to increase the dosage of the anti-asthmatic agent, my condition did not improve much.

Later I went for an X-ray. The report made me jump. Apparently there was some oedema in my left lung, so I went for a fluid extraction procedure on September 3rd 2001, when a CT scan and a biopsy confirmed that I had 3rd stage B lung cancer. The oncologist told me I only had 6 months to live and chemotherapy might extend my life for a few more months.

Convinced by their efficacy in the clinical reports, I began taking TXL and Tian Xian Pills No.3, as well as using Tian Xian Cream and Tian Xian Suppository on September 29th 2001. I started my chemotherapy with the help of Navelbine and Cispaltin, but still vomited uncontrollably. Subsequently I went home to recuperate, but I was very weak and lethargic. My arms hurt and I did not have any appetite. My conditions normalised a few days later so I resumed taking TX products. I tried to carry on with my chemotherapy but the side effects were too unbearable so I had to quit, but I continued taking TX products.

I can prove to my oncologist today that I am still kicking and alive! In fact I could still drive my grandchildren to school in 2003, thanks to TXL!