Colon Cancer Survivor - Goh-Deo-Chek

Colon Cancer Survivor: Grateful to Wife’s Loving Care Despite my Third Stage Colon Cancer

Goh Deo Chek / Male / 75 years old / 3rd stage colon cancer (1998) / Segamat, Johor, Malaysia I used to be very fit. I hoped to become a soldier when I was young but my aspiration did not fall through due… [more…]

Rectal Cancer Survivor

Colon Cancer Survivor: Ms. Yang fully recovers from rectal cancer with the help of Tian Xian Liquid

Yang Yan, 53 section chief, Labour Bureau Tong Hua City, Jilin Province   The Mobile Colon Cancer that was Inoperable, was Improved. It was in 1986 that cancer cells were found in my rectum. I had an operation immediately to… [more…]

Colon Cancer Survivor

Colon Cancer Survivor: Taking Tian Xian To Prevent A Relapse of Colon Cancer

Chen San Mei, 40 Telok Anson, Perak, Malaysia In October 1999, my third elder sister was diagnosed as having 3rd stage colon cancer. The malignant tumour at the tip of the colon had spread to the middle part. Though we… [more…]