Esophagus Cancer Survivor

Esophagus Cancer Survivor: Regain The Happiness From Sons And Grandsons

Ding Suk Ying, 70 Hong Kong   Fifteen years ago, I resigned my job in the hope that I can start on a leisurely life with the company of my grandson. In autumn three years ago, I felt discomfort in… [more…]

Esophagus Cancer Survivor

Esophagus Cancer Survivor: I Recovered from Esophagus Cancer without Surgery

Mr. Ma Guan Ren (53, China) Everything started as an uneasy feeling while I was eating. The condition persisted for about 2 whole months and swallowing became increasingly difficult. “…5.5 cm esophagus tumor” On October 23, 1996, I was diagnosed… [more…]

Esophagus Cancer Survivor 10cm Tumor Disappeared

Esophagus Cancer Survivor: 10cm Esophagus Tumor Gradually Disappeared

Ting Su Ying (70, Hongkong) I retired 15 years ago to stay home and take care of my grandchildren (of course, to enjoy the rest of my life). I felt there was something wrong with my throat 3 years ago… [more…]

Esophagus Cancer Survivor

Esophagus Cancer Survivor: A Miracle Recovery

Father of Yogesh S (North Carolina, USA) This is Yogesh from the United States of America. I would like to tell you of my father`s experience with cancer. My father was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in October 1998. Esophagus carries… [more…]