Lung Cancer Survivor: In less than 5 Months the Tumor Disappeared and I’m back to Normal

Mr. Wang Zhou Hong (63, Malaysia)

I had several examinations (including X-ray) in March `97 and it concluded that I have lung cancer. They found a benign 3 x 2cm tumor. The necessity of surgery was dependent on the results of further examinations. I remembered that surgery is not good for old people like me, so I only took medicine.

In May, my son learned from the Internet that Mr. Wang (Inventor of Tian Xian Liquid) was coming to Malaysia to give a free consultation. I went to see him, he immediately confirmed that I have lung cancer and prescribed a one month Tian Xian treatment program which consisted of Tian Xian Liquid, Capsule, and Plaster.

…showed that the tumor was reduced by half.

An checkup in June showed that the tumor reduced by half. The effect is truly amazing. Then an examination in October 25, showed that it was completely gone.

I was tremendously happy. It was Tian Xian Liquid that took me away from the horror of death and pain. Now, the tumor is gone and I still continue to use Tian Xian Liquid to prevent any recurrence. An examination in March 1998 reconfirmed that everything is normal.

Now, the tumor is gone…