Tongue Cancer Survivor

舌癌 Tongue Cancer Survivor: Cai Junhui

分類信息 – 客戶見證 病類 《舌癌/tongue Cancer》 性別 男 部落格介紹 – Valuable life, valuable Tien Hsien Liquid Cai Junhui Taiwan 42 years old I am a bus driver and it is very common that I would be driving long distances such… [more…]

Tongue Cancer Survivor - Have Faith to Overcome Cancer Because I Understand Cancer

Tongue Cancer Survivor: Have Faith to Overcome Cancer

Mr. Chang Lu (36, Taiwan) One year ago, with strong will, self-discipline and dedication, I and my newly wed wife planed to create a life that we have always dreamed of to welcome our first baby to the world. Naturally,… [more…]

Tongue Cancer Survivor

Tongue Cancer Survivor: Value Life And Value Tian Xian Liquid

Cai Junhui, 72 Taiwan   Since I had been driving long distance from Jiayi to Taipei for quite some time, I had to rely on cigarettes and betel nuts to refresh myself. I smoke at least one pack of cigarettes… [more…]