Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Survivor: Lim Bee

Lim Bee / Female / 53 years old / Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma (2008) / Masai, Johor Bahru

Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Survivor - Lim Bee from MalaysiaI used to be very fit and healthy. I went for regular check-ups when I was older. At the end of 2008, the hospital in JB found a tumour in my left breast. After the third chemotherapy session the doctor said the tumour had turned benign and suggested an operation. After the operation the doctor discovered that there was another tumour in one of my ovaries. It was 15cm x 10cm, about the size of a 4-month-old foetus. He suggested another operation followed by chemotherapy. Prompted by my husband, I sought a second opinion at Parkway Cancer Centre in March 2009. After 2 separate examinations by 2 doctors at Parkway, I was told that my major problem wasn’t breast cancer or ovarian cancer but stomach cancer, or more specifically, signet ring cell carcinoma that is associated with high female hormone metabolism. The cancer was found to be at the terminal stage.

Tian Xian Liquid Pulled Me through Chemotherapy

My second son found TXL on the internet, a herbal medicine for cancer treatment. My husband got the Malaysian agent’s telephone number from a newspaper advertisement. He called them to better understand the product’s antineoplastic effect. The factory manager where my husband works also encouraged me to take TXL. He related that his sister-in-law had lymphoma which metastasized to the lungs in 1992. She took TXL along with other western therapy. Now she’s living happily.

I asked the doctor if I could take herbal medicine before the surgery. I was surprised that he gave immediate approval when he learnt that it was TXL. Hence in mid March 2009, after the first chemotherapy session, I began taking TXL with the hope to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy.

We discovered the efficacy of TXL very soon. All my hair dropped off after the first chemotherapy, but after taking TXL, it started to grow back again after the second chemotherapy. My hair remained thick and sleek throughout the entire course of the remaining chemotherapy.

Face Chemotherapy with a Light Heart

My chemotherapy was a 24-hour process. The doctor put a bag of medicine on my abdomen and introduced it to my body via a needle that was inserted just under the left clavicle. I got accustomed to this ‘new friend’ after a while so that I could go about my housework oblivious of its presence.

I was very lucky that I did not experience all the untoward side effects experienced by other patients undergoing chemotherapy. I found it to be almost harmless, with only a heightened sense of taste, numb fingers and black nails. My white blood cell and platelet counts were found to be normal. I could do household chores as usual after I came back from the hospital without feeling lethargic. Even my oncologist Dr. Khoo commented that I did not look sick at all because of my incredibly thick black hair. In fact my weight increased during therapy, up from 45 to 48kg.

Accidental Benefits

Six months later, my October 2009 medical report revealed that my ovarian tumour had shrunk to 6cm x 8cm. I managed to go through 12 chemotherapy sessions practically unscathed with the help of TXL. On March 2010 the doctor told me that my hypertrophied stomach wall before the therapy had returned to its normal thickness. Both the treatment effectiveness and quality of living had excelled beyond the doctor’s expectations.

My husband’s younger brother said, “TXL is not just good. It’s excellent!” He experiences a great deal of stress at work, so he takes 5cc of TXL a day as a health food supplement. He has been taking it for one year. Now he is more energetic and his work-induced backache is gone. We are recommending this excellent herbal medicine to any cancer patients whenever we have the chance.

The Power that Pulled Me through Cancer

The one-year struggle against cancer really made me see how lucky I had been. I’m a Buddhist who chants a mantra everyday without fail. I think it was Buddha’s blessing that had given me the strength to face the ordeal. I was quite calm when I was given the bad news. Intensely worried about me, my husband had cried in front of the family members. Throughout the entire therapy, my husband had accompanied me to the hospital for every check-up and treatment. He had discussed patiently with the doctor to understand my condition. Together with my second son, they had spent a lot of time studying the TXL book and instructed me what to do.

One year has gone by. I sleep soundly every night and lead a peaceful life everyday. We only live once, so be appreciative of everything around us and let it be. When we are sick, we should accept it and seek treatment actively. Optimism and a relaxed life will lead to recovery. I always advised those cancer patients who were with me to stay optimistic. Pessimism will only bring dejection that will destroy our will and spirit to combat cancer. It will also bring a morose atmosphere to the family. We must learn to let it be. If we cancer patients can face our daily life with tranquility, our family members will feel better too. We can always go through the whole thing optimistically as a family. Cherish every moment of life and bliss so that we do not have to be sorry later.