Lung Cancer Survivor - I only Relied on Tian Xian Liquid

Lung Cancer Survivor : I only Relied on Tian Xian Liquid

Philippines, Mr. Sing Kio, 58 April 23, 1998 – Century Park Sheraton Hotel, Manila Philippines (Translated from Chinese) In June 1991, I started suffering coughing fits at night. I would cough very hard and throw up phlegm. I took my… [more…]

Stomach Cancer Survivor - An Egg Sized Malignant Tumor Disappeared within 1 Year

Stomach Cancer Survivor: Malignant Tumor Disappeared Within a Year

Ms. Yeung Ching Wan (58, Hong Kong) I have been a cancer survivor for nine years. Here is my story. I was at work one day when I passed out unexpectedly. After some tests, an endoscope examination showed that there… [more…]

Nasal Cancer Survivor - Chemotherapy was Stopped - Only Tian Xian Liquid was used

Nasal Cancer Survivor: Stopped Chemotherapy and Only Took Tian Xian Liquid

Mr. Hung Ching Feng (59, China) When the lymph gland behind my ears swelled up for no apparent reason, I went to Taichung Veterans Hospital for a check-up. The doctor told me that the disease was a type of nasal… [more…]

Lung Cancer Survivor - Forever Grateful to Tian Xian Liquid - Feature

Lung Cancer Survivor: Forever Grateful to Tian Xian Liquid

Ms. Watanabe, Yuki (58, Japan) In November 1997, I began coughing severely. I thought it was just the flu. I went to the hospital and they prescribed me some cough medicine. But still, the coughing did not stop. After two… [more…]

Liver Cancer Survivor - Never Surrender to Cancer

Liver Cancer Survivor: Beating the Odds With Tian Xian Liquid

Mr. Nishimura Zentaro (83, Japan) My liver cancer was discovered during a check up at the Central Hospital in November 1992. I was confined to the National Cancer Center in December, and an examination there showed that I also had… [more…]

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor: Maribel’s Story

Maribel C. Lim (Manila, Philippines) (UPDATED: November 8, 2009/Century Park Sheraton) See the video of her earlier testimony. Living with any serious disease can be difficult and challenging. I know how each one of you who has a serious ailment feels…. [more…]

Stomach Cancer Survivor

Stomach Cancer Survivor: Terminal Stage Diagnosis at 29 Years Old

Hanita / Female 33 years old / Stomach Cancer – Terminal Stage (2006) / Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia My hometown is Cameron Highlands, a plush natural ecology. I have been staying with my relative in Kajang ever since I graduated…. [more…]

Uterus Cancer Survivor - The Tumor keeps Getting Smaller

Uterus Cancer Survivor: Tumor Shrank After Taking Herb Remedy

Ms. Chen Qing Yun (48, China) I come from a poor family and I need to work daily in order to survive. One day, I felt severe pain to the extent that I couldn’t even sit down. Aside from the… [more…]

Rectal Cancer Survivor - Bile Duct and Rectum Cancer Patient was able to leave the Hospital

Rectal Cancer Survivor: Improvement After Only One Month

Mr. Ooshima Kouichi (62, Japan) In December 1997, I was told that I was suffering from portal hepatitis bile duct cancer and upper rectum cancer. The doctor administered drainage treatment immediately. Surgery for the bile duct was impossible, so I… [more…]

Lung Cancer Survivor - I Regained my Life Through the Internet

Lung Cancer Survivor: I Was The Only One Who Lived

Mr. Liu Wai (55, Hong Kong) I have always been a healthy person so I could believe it when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was coughing excessively and so I went for a medical checkup only to be given… [more…]

Liver Cancer Survivor - 6 months to live

Liver Cancer Survivor: Given Six Months to Live, Took Tian Xian Liquid

Mr. Cheng Chi Keung (67, Hongkong) About a year ago, I started to itch all over my body. I went to the hospital to get it checked. I found out that I had liver cancer and the doctor said that I… [more…]

Liver Cancer Survivor - Terminal Case

Liver Cancer Survivor: Diagnosed As a Terminal Case

Mr. R. Bustillio Seattle, WA USA I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on my liver after several CT Scans, then was referred to a surgeon to remove the cancer. But the surgeon refused to perform the surgery because the… [more…]

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor: How Could I Have Cancer If I Feel So Healthy?

Chin Kooi Choo. Female / 74 years old / Pancreatic Cancer (2007) / Kedah, Malaysia Time sure flies. I am now an old lady. I have learned to go with the flow after going through so much in life. Life is… [more…]


Beating Uterine and Breast Cancer

Uterine and Breast Cancer Survivor: Edith Shih 49 years old San Francisco, CA USA Housewife My family and I had immigrated to the USA more than eight years ago and were generally adapting well to life there. In October of… [more…]


Liver Cancer Survivor

分類信息 – 客戶見證 病類 《肝癌/Liver Cancer》 性別 男 日本 – Mr. Kido Osaka Climbing up from the valley of despair Mr. Kido Osaka, 66 years old Placed all hope on the newest radiation treatment. My liver does not function well… [more…]

Cervical Cancer Survivor

Cervical Cancer Survivor: Getting Over Cancer and Back To Nature

Chew Ah Siang Female / 66 yrs old / 3rd stage cervical cancer (2008)
 / Melaka, Malaysia I am passionate about life and like to live happily each day. I have a special darling, my hula hoop, which has accompanied me… [more…]

Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer Survivor: It Was Almost Incurable

Suree Saekor (Thailand) My state of mind has hit bottom. I didn’t understand why I got cancer after being a vegetarian for more than 10 years! And I regret this too — why didn’t I let my family know earlier? Although my… [more…]

Colorectal Cancer Survivor

Colorectal Cancer Survivor: Masudo Achiyo’s Story

“I rejoice about today’s happy ending. I made the right decision when I was ill and I had the help of good doctors. Now, I live an active life!” Masuda Achiyo (Japan) My colorectal cancer was discovered during my annual… [more…]

Rectal Cancer Survivor

Colon Cancer Survivor: William Ackerman’s Story

William Ackerman (Florida, USA) I found a cyst at the bottom of my spine in August of 2006. I went to see the doctor and he noticed the signs of myocardial tremble of my heart. Though it didn’t cause my… [more…]

Liver Cancer Survivor

Liver Cancer Survivor: Lee Tien Song

Lee Tien Song / Male / 59 years old / Liver cancer (1996) / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 14 years has gone by. I can still remember the liver cancer that tortured me 14 years ago. It is an indelible part of my… [more…]