Rectal Cancer Survivor: It Is Like A Nightmare When I Look Back

Chiba County, Mr. Oshima, 62

Complex double cancers

In February 1997, I was diagnosed as suffering from bile duct cancer at the anus and rectal cancer at the upper part. I had catheter treatment on 3 parts but the operation can not be performed on the bile duct cancer and chemotherapy did not have any effect at all.

The doctor said that only other hope I had was radiation treatment. Thus, in January the following year, I was admitted into another hospital that could carry out radiation therapy. An operation was performed on the rectal cancer in April. In May, catheter treatment was stopped and I was released from the hospital. In less than two weeks, however, cancer struck again and I was sent to the hospital to undergo catheter treatment once more.

From then on, I began to drink Tian Xian liquid occasionally. I first heard of Tian Xian through the books and information sent by a friend. I was quite doubtful about the efficacy of the product but in July 1998, Dr. Wang Zhengguo came to Japan to give a lecture on cancer care. My family went to listen and recorded his lecture. After I listened to the tape, I decided to bet my life on Tian Xian liquid and drank it diligently.

Previously, the doctor had told me that the cancer had already metastasized to the liver and had become incurable. The cancer cells had cause ascites so the possibility of a cure is very, very minimal. I thought to myself that if I did not go home right there and then, I will never be able to do so anymore. So, I hurriedly left the hospital.

On the second month after I had started taking Tian Xian liquid, not only did the jaundice minimize, the ascites also disappeared. Catheter treatment became unnecessary and was stopped on the fourth month.

Now, a small tumor still exists in my body. Recalling my frequent visit to the hospital for cholangitis and weakening of the liver function, however, is really like replaying a terrible nightmare.