Prostate Cancer Survivor: Regain The Happiness Of Life

Tokyo, Mr. Kanada, 81

I had an operation for stomach cancer to remove two thirds of my stomach in January 1991. Although endoscopy could also take out the part afflicted by cancerous cells, I still chose to have surgery so that the tumor could be removed once and for all. I recovered well thereafter and assumed that the cancer was detected early. I did not worry about metastasis or the recurrence of cancer.

In July of the same year, I was found to have prostate cancer and the suspicion was that it had likewise affected my bladder, which deteriorated greatly. Due to my old age, the doctor no longer suggested operation but chose to give me radiation treatment and injection of hormones.

I did not hope to defeat cancer completely at this time but I was still worried whether the treatment could solve my problem or even control the spread of cancer cells. I felt very uneasy and doubtful. Most of the patients around me did not have surgery and were subjected to radiation or chemotherapy. Although their disease was under temporary control and turned better, they still died one or two years later.

At that time, I came across the book “Fighting against Cancer”. There were numerous books and advertisements about cancer in the marked at that time. I couldn’t tell, however, what drove me to pick up this particular book or what attracted me to it. I felt so lucky to have done this, however, since it was about Tian Xian liquid. I began to take Tian Xian liquid after finishing the book. At the beginning of September, radiation treatment started. I called the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association for consultation and they suggested for me to add Tian Xian pills as well to aid in my recovery. I drank six bottles of Tian Xian liquid per day and in October, I added Tian Xian suppository before going to bed.

In the course of the radiation treatment, I neither felt any pain nor itching. Since it concentrated on my abdomen, though, I developed serious diarrhea. For several days, I was a constant occupant of the toilet, up to ten times a day. Except for this, I did not feel any complications or side effects and I hardly felt tired.

I was not sure whether it was the effect of Tian Xian liquid since radiation was also started at the same time that I began my Tian Xian program. Besides, I was not totally free of the side effects as I thought I would be.

The radiation treatment course lasted 33 times and was terminated at the end of October. The PSE (tumor indicator) dropped from 120 to 100 after ten days’ treatment and to 70 at the beginning of November upon the termination of the treatment. At that time, I had been taking Tian Xian liquid for one and a half months.

Afterwards, I was given hormones and the PSA further dropped and this time sharply, to 20 at the end of the month. The tumor reduced in size and could hardly be felt through palpation. The doctor who was rather more surprised than delighted told me the examination results excitedly. He thought it was the effect of the hospital treatments while I was convinced that it was the combination of western treatment with traditional Chinese medicine. The quick change in the symptoms nevertheless surprised the doctor.

The uneasiness that had been haunting me for a long time has eventually disappeared. I felt relieved for the first time in years. More importantly, I felt the happiness of life.

During this period, I reported my experiences and progress to the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association and inquired about subsequent treatment. At the beginning of December, I began to take six Tian Xian pills per day. The disease had thereafter turned better ever more quickly. PSA dropped to 1.5 in January 2000, to 0.6 in February, to 0.4 in March and to its lowest level of 0.1 in April. Even the doctor could not hide his excitement. “It can’t drop any lower. It is so great! Keep it up! Go on!” That was all that I heard from the doctor.

I doubt whether my quick recovery was all due to western medicine, neither will I say that it owing to Tian Xian liquid alone. One thing is sure, however, and that is my quick recovery is for real. I think that without the help of Tian Xian liquid, I would not have been able to make it.

I am finally convinced that cancer is by no means invincible as long as we stick to drinking Tian Xian liquid. It has been one year since I was confirmed to have cancer. The cancer cells in my bladder have all disappeared. The possible metastasis to the pelvis had been prevented.

It believe it is due to Tian Xian liquid that I live a comfortable life every day. In the future, I will regulate the amount and continue to drink Tian Xian liquid.