Prostate Cancer Survivor: Miraculous Return To Life – A Delightful Surprise

Kanagawa County, Mr. Sakui, 77

I had an operation for rectal cancer in 1992 and recovered well. I lived an active life in the following seven years.

The year before last, however, I began to have henaturia and was suspected to be suffering from prostate cancer. The doctor helplessly informed me that an operation cannot help. In February of that year, I was sent to the hospital in an ambulance for intestinal obstruction. I had thought myself very healthy and never expected this cancer attack. From then on, I began to fight cancer intensely. Two months later, in the middle of April, I was faced with the choice of having an operation or waiting for death. Finally, I decided to face death the natural way. Since an operation was not going to help and the cancer cells had quickly spread to the bone marrow, I decided that I will not agree to any further harm to my body.

As I decided to face death squarely, the cancer cells invaded my whole body with full force and surprising speed. I was weakening by the day and whatever other cancer treatment I may have heard of, I was constrained to check out and try. I even had pipa acupuncture. I finally heard of Tian Xian liquid and began to drink it on August 10. The result was beyond my expectations! I gradually recovered my health and energy day by day. I got to thinking that this might be my miraculous return to life. The hope that I dared not entertain in my mind came back and I enthusiastically continued drinking Tian Xian liquid. Although I had accepted death already, I still did not refuse other treatments. So, at the same time as I was doing all of these, I went through radiation treatment in possible range.

It did have an effect one or two months later. I felt like another person. I was getting stronger and the cancer did not spread anywhere else and the cancerous tumor did not grow any bigger.

In greeting the new millennium, I designed a special card and sent it out declaring that I was still alive. Relatives and friends were all surprised and delighted. Anyway, I am still a patient. In spring, I catch cold as is usual, I experience fever now and then and feel weak occasionally. Thus, I still take more Tian Xian liquid. I believe it is only by doing this that I have a chance to defeat cancer.

Strength is the source of life and I will do more than the ordinary man to enhance my strength.