Ovarian Cancer Survivor: Physique Gradually Improved

Ovarian Cancer Survivor: Physique Gradually Improved

Tokyo, Ms. Tobashi, 26

Two years ago, I went to the OB-Gyne department of the hospital because of my dysmenorrhea, which even in college, constantly troubled me.

At first, the doctor suspected endometriosis. After various tests, all doubts were dispelled. The final diagnosis was “period trouble”. It began from the pain in the back and the waist before the period developed into a great headache. During my period, the pain spread through the lower part of my body from the abdomen. Besides, I also felt dazed and vomited to the extent that I was unable to walk, but usually went off to work in a taxi.

The pain killer given by the hospital had effect for only two or three hours so did the suppository. Since I took the medicine after I felt pain, it caused vomiting and stomachache. To suppress the stomachache, I had to take other medicines. In this way, my digestive organ had ulcer and bled, and I was again hospitalized.

Although I was forbidden to eat and only relied on drip-feeding, it was a chance for rest. I suffered a lot from the trouble in my digestive organ, and decided not to use painkillers any longer. Instead, I took up sports like swimming. Dysmenorrhea was not relieved and I had to endure the monthly pain. At that time, I came across Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian suppository from the materials I collected.

The traditional Chinese medicines I used to take included agelica and herbaceous peony powder, cassia twig and poris cocos pill, channel warming soup, etc. I stopped taking some of them for they caused serious diarrhea and others did not take effect even after I took them for almost one year. The mystery of traditional Chinese medicine is too profound to understand. It is not medicine but if it takes effect, you are very luck. So I began to use Tian Xian plaster.

I applied Tian Xian plaster to my abdomen, waist, back, etc. On those parts, I neither feel cold or hot, but cool and gradually warm. When the pain aggravates, I apply 8 plasters once and obviously feel the pain mitigated. Since my skin is very delicate, I feel itching on the part where Tian Xian plaster has been applied and it also turns red. So we should be particularly careful when using Tian Xian plaster in summer.

Although there is no record that Tian Xian suppository is effective against dysmenorrhea, I still use it according to my own judgment for I have felt its effect. On opening the packet, I smell a special flavor. However, Tian Xian plaster is not small. If you apply one before going to bed, you can have sound sleep till the next morning. In the past, whenever I had my period, I would lie in bed bent in pain. Even if I take painkillers, the pain woke me up after the effect of the medicine is gone. I couldn’t sleep at all. That is why I find Tian Xian plaster so marvelous!

Although the effect is so satisfactory that the pain disappears after using it. I still haven’t found any specific drug for dysmenorrhea. In some months, using Tian Xian plaster and Tian Xian suppository together does not kill the pain. But, the effect is much better than before if I use it according to my physical state.

Anyway, relieving my digestive organ of the burden is the best result to me. It is so nice to find a medicine suitable for me. Some matters of notice should be attended to: use Tian Xian suppository three times a day and don’t apply Tian Xian plaster to one part over eight hours.

Only those who have suffered from cancer can feel the great pain caused by cancer, so some people do not take dysmenorrhea seriously, for my pain amounts to nothing compared with that of cancer patients.

I have the deepest feeling of pain, however. It is not only a feeling but exerts great influence on one’s mental state, for one has to endure the pain and cannot do anything.

I hope that all the people could be relieved of the pain and live a relaxed life.