Ovarian Cancer Survivor: Completing Therapy with the Help of Tian Xian Liquid

Mrs. Tai / Female / 56 years old / Ovarian Cancer (2009) / Tawau, Sabah

Ovarian Cancer Survivor - Mrs. Tai from MalaysiaI have been very dogmatic on a healthy lifestyle and good habits. I sleep and wake up early. I do exercises everyday. My favorite sport is hill walking. I have cultivated healthy dietary habits, eating mostly fruit and vegetables and cutting down on junk food. But diseases didn’t spare me.

I had a benign uterine tumour 10 years back and it was surgically removed. I did not pay much attention to it since it was benign, so I just carried on with my life as usual.

Fearless Knowing that God Was with Me

10 years later, in the first half of 2009, I began to develop numerous symptoms. I felt tired all the time, my appetite deteriorated and constipation worsened progressively. I went for a medical check-up in July 2009 and the doctor found a big tumour about 13.6cm in my ovary. Since it was big it was pressing on my intestines, causing constipation. The doctor confirmed that it was a malignant tumour. You have guessed correctly. I had cancer.

I was not especially appalled or flabbergasted like most other cancer patients. I am a devout Christian and I have given everything to the Lord. I knew the Lord wanted me to go through this. I knew He would take good care of me, so I was not afraid.

In the same week of my diagnosis, I followed the Hospital University Malaya’s oncologist’s order and underwent a surgery to remove the entire ovary. He suggested that I should start chemotherapy in 4 weeks’ time, when my wound had healed properly.

My Fateful Encounter with Tian Xian Liquid

When my Christian fellows learnt of my cancer, they prayed for me so that I would recover speedily. A lot of well-meaning friends provided me with cancer information. One day, a Christian sister told me her husband had cancer of the nose once.  They were in Hong Kong then. They were recommended a herbal medicine by a friend called Tian Xian pill, which had helped her husband tremendously, but she didn’t know where to get it in Malaysia.

Then one day, my sister suddenly recalled seeing an advertisement about TXL in a health magazine. But there was such a big heap of magazines in the house, so how were we supposed to begin? My sister prayed hard so that I could find TXL as soon as possible. Her prayers were answered. I was looking for the health magazine one day. When I pulled out the first drawer where we put the magazines, there was this health magazine right on top of the pile, and I found the advertisement when I flipped through the pages. I dialed the agent’s number and found myself talking to Mr. Chong Ah Kow, the boss of Tombo Enterprise, the agent for TXL in Malaysia. It was a miraculous moment when the call went through, as if it was God’s design to give me the most appropriate assistance.

Though not well-versed with the product, both my husband and I felt that we had no choice but to take TXL first. My understanding husband accompanied me to buy TXL, in the second week of my operation. I started taking TXL on July 27th. A week later, the doctor discovered that I had recovered speedily and my wound had healed nicely. I did not have to wait for 4 weeks for the chemotherapy, so I started the therapy just 3 weeks after the surgery.

Completing Therapy with the Help of Tian Xian Liquid

The oncologist explained that there would be 6 chemotherapy sessions for me. The side effects were quite unbearable, so he would have to stop the treatment temporarily should I become too feeble, and would only continue when I had recovered. He explained that some patients had quit halfway through the course because they became too weak for it.

The chemotherapy side effects appeared very quickly. My hair dropped off almost completely, I felt lethargic, with cold extremities, and my white blood cell count dropped like a rocket. Mr. Chong suggested upping the dose of TXL and throwing in Tian Xian Pill No. 3 to boost my stamina and immunity in order to counteract the side effects. He said the combination would also raise my white blood cell count and synergise chemotherapy. I found my white blood cell count rebounded after taking the combination, but it plummeted again after the subsequent chemotherapy session. Such were the harmful effects of chemotherapy. I persisted with the TXL combination during the course and managed to complete the 6 chemotherapy sessions in December 2009.

“I was a kindergarten teacher before I retired. I loved those innocent and lively children dearly. I realized how beautiful and invaluable life was whenever I saw them. The feeling has a great impact on me. It makes me cherish my health and every moment of my life.”

The Power of Faith

The oncologist was pleasantly surprised with how smooth I had waltzed through the chemotherapy course.

He was highly impressed with my cool right from the start of receiving the bad news, to the operation and to the completion of the chemotherapy. He recounted that he saw everyday a lot of patients who crumbled upon receiving the bad news, and patients who quit halfway through the course due to extreme weakness. His confidence rose after seeing my calm, optimism, high spirit and able body.

I knew in my heart that it was the faith in my religion that had supported me all this while and it had helped me face every atrocity calmly, and that TXL had given me the physical strength and nourishment to survive the ordeal. The union of the body, mind and soul is a miraculous phenomenon, something that can help me pull through almost all atrocities.

Family Love and Loving Oneself

To cooperate fully with the doctor and get through the treatment, I had stayed in KL from July 2009 until now. The February 2010 report declared that I was completely clean. I was so happy because I could spend the Chinese New Year with my family at home. I had recovered from constipation. My appetite had returned. In fact everything was back to normal again. I have to pay special attention to my diet and continue taking TXL to prevent a relapse, though. I live on a healthy lifestyle, taking a 5-6km walk in the park every morning or evening. I enjoy the walk a lot as it relaxes me tremendously. I sleep and wake up early, saying my prayers at 5 in the morning and reading the bible. I go for healthy diets.

The cancer has taught me an invaluable lesson. I have been writing my diary ever since I had cancer. I would pen down the various conditions, the progress and my feelings of the therapy when I was free. It was like some homework for my life. In the recording process, I began to see clearly the warmth and difficulties in my life. I am lucky to have a very understanding husband and a pair of married children. My husband had accompanied me all the way through my darkest days, be it a check-up, a treatment, buying medicine or looking up data, which he did with patience so that he would understand my disease and treatment in-depth. He could even remember every check-up and treatment date. His love and care was another medicine that had helped me get through the ordeal.

Nowadays, upon holding my hands, my family members and friends would exclaim, “Your hands are so warm!” And I would always return the concern with a cheerful smile. Yes, I may be a cancer patient on the recuperation, but my hands are warmer than those of my friends. It is a warm blessing from God. Everything in my life-my family and my friends-is godsend. The cancer was an ordeal to steel my will, and the recovery, the gratification. It was His power that had given me the calm and the courage to face all that. I will always bathe gratefully in His light.