Nasal Cancer Survivor: I’m Still Alive Even Though the Survival Rate is Only 15%

Oliver G. Bass, 58
San Francisco, USA

“You suffer from nasopharyngeal passages cancer”, my doctor said. It was so sudden and I was shocked. I went to the hospital for a cold and it turned out to be a cancer.
I pay great attention to health. I never drink or smoke. How could I suffer from nasopharygneal passages cancer? Why did it come so fiercely? It was terminal, even surgery could not help.

…even surgery could not help

It had already spread to the brain and surgery can’t help either. I suffered from severe headaches due to the transfer of cancer cells. Not long after that I developed a hearing problem. The doctor said radiation therapy would be the most effective method but the survival rate was only 15%.

…doctor said radiation would be the most method but the survival rate was only 15.%

I did not have any other choice, The side effects of radiation therapy were exceptionally difficult (vomiting, oral cavity inflammation, sore throat). Even drinking could have killed me. I cannot forget the feeling of being mute. Then I learned about Tian Xian Liquid from the news and tried it.

I was released from the hospital after the first stage of the radiotherapy. I take 6 bottles of Tian Xian Liquid (1 bottle = 10 cc) a day.

After only 2 weeks, I could go shopping, read newspapers, and watch TV. My skin that was darkened by the radiation regained its original complexion, and further examinations showed that all cancer cells had disappeared.

“…that all the cancer cells has disappeared.”