Nasal Cancer Survivor: I Relied only on Tian Xian Liquid after Chemotherapy

Mr. Zhou Yu Zen 58

I went to the hospital for an examination of a swollen lymph gland. The result indicated that I suffer from nasopharyngeal passages cancer. This happened in February 1997. The doctor said that concentrated radiotherapy for 4-5 times could cure me within two months. Having heard the recommendation, I accepted the arrangement. The treatment caused great pain in my nose, and dry throat.

I could not sleep, and my overall condition was getting worse. I lost 10 kg in weight. Then I had chemotherapy-a 500cc injection in my body. I felt weak.

…my body recovered
exceptional well.

The four months treatment resulted in more anxiety. After learning the effect of Tian Xian Liquid from my friend, I immediately tried it. After using it for two months with chemotherapy, my body recovered exceptionally well.

When I finished the chemotherapy treatment, I only relied on Tian Xian Liquid. One year after the treatment, the examination result showed that it was completely gone. The doctor advised me to continue using Tian Xian Liquid.

…doctors advised me to
continue using Tian Xian Liquid