Nasal Cancer Survivor: I Am Surprised At The Effects Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Thailand, Putlachatta, 62

Early this year, I felt a hard lump in my nose. I regarded it as a simple inflammation and did not pay much attention to it. Soon, I had increasing difficulty in breathing so I was forced to go to the hospital. The doctor’s diagnosis was nose cancer.

The doctor suggested radiation treatment for 35 times. My friend recommended Tian Xian liquid to me after hearing of its effects. I, therefore, began to drink Tian Xian liquid one week before going through the radiation treatment. My physical condition improved after seven days and I felt the tumor become softer than before and my breathing unblocked.

I continued to drink Tian Xian liquid while undergoing radiation. I also took Tian Xian pills to help alleviate the side effects of therapy. I did not feel thirsty and could still attend to my work during the treatment.

What struck me most was the tumor really shrunk after the tenth radiation treatment. After the 28th session, the doctor examined me and said that the cancer cells disappeared completely and that the treatment course will be immediately terminated.

Of course, the doctor was amazed at the drastic change in the behavior of my disease. I am convinced that my recovery was not due to radiation but Tian Xian liquid.