Lymph Cancer Survivor: “Tian Xian Liquid made the Tumor Smaller”

Ms. Ma Mi Yu, 46

I went to the hospital for a throat problem. The doctor said it was just a minor inflammation and he gave me some antibiotics. However, the problem did not go away and since I needed to take care of my children, I just lived with it.

In September 1995, my neck began itching. I continued to scratch it and it began bleeding uncontrollably. I rushed to the hospital and I was diagnosed with lymph cancer. Surgery followed the next month to remove two lymph tumors in three areas. The doctor had to leave one of them as it was very close to the main artery.

We then learned about Tian Xian Liquid on the Internet, so we went to a drugstore in Bangkok to buy some. Although I recovered a bit after using it, the pain increased severely. The condition got worse and I could still feel the depression.

One day I was able to browse through an advertisement of Tian Xian Liquid in the newspaper. I compared the picture with the Tian Xian Liquid I recently bought, they were DIFFERENT! The Tian Xian Liquid I bought was fake! According to the news, there are so many counterfeits in the market.

…Tian Xian Liquid I bought was fake!

I immediately ordered a new set of Tian Xian Liquid from a verified distributor. Certainly, the effect of the authentic product was true.

My pain disappeared in a month, and after 6 months, the tumor was much smaller. I think it maybe the effect of both the chemotherapy and Tian Xian Liquid.

…after 6 months, the tumor was much smaller.

Just when I thought I could stop using it and rely on mere chemotherapy, I immediately lost my energy, my condition worsened, and the pain returned. Examinations showed that the tumor grew back, so I immediately started using Tian Xian Liquid again.

Now, I will never stop using it until I am sure that it is completely gone. The lymph tumor reduced to the point that I can hardly feel it. (Editor’s Note: It is advised to take Tian Xian Liquid continually for a period of time, even in smaller dosage, as to prevent any recurrence)