Lung Cancer Survivor: It Is Not Long Before Returning To Society

Fukuoka County, Mr. Lim Mu Xin, 72

Six months left

In November 1999, I was told I had lung cancer. The doctor repeated urged me to go to the hospital but I was too shocked to think normally.

At that time, cancer cells were diagnosed to have metastasized to the lymph in my chest so that the doctor suggested the use of traditional Chinese medicine instead of operation. This was how I got to know Tian Xian liquid. After I had been taking it for one month, the disease did not look as if it was waning. Soon after the new millennium was celebrated, I transferred to another hospital for examination and the doctor was convinced that the tumor in my chest had developed to the fourth stage and had then spread to lymph node that neither operation nor radiation therapy was possible. I was then informed that I may have six months to live. Though I had gone through 4 months of anti-cancer therapy as recommended, it was stopped because of the side effects.

Before the anti-cancer drug treatment, I learned of the dosage of Tian Xian series of products as instructed by the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association. I looked through the information obtained and began to take Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills according to the standard set by the Association. The trial did not affect my routine diet and, on the other hand, mitigated the side effects.

In the initial examination after I started taking Tian Xian products, the doctor was disbelieving of the effects of Tian Xian. He felt that use of anti-cancer drugs does not normally yield the same kind of effect. I was on the verge of telling him that it was due to Tian Xian liquid, but I just relished this secret all by myself. As the treatment became more frequent, however, the side effects became more intense. Although suffering great pain, I was convinced that I was going to recover my health and leave the hospital. Before I was released from the hospital, the doctor arranged for CT scan and X-ray examination. X-rays showed that the primary cancer had reduced to an indiscernible degree and cancer in the lymph node also reduced in size.

When told that I took Tian Xian liquid and Tian Xian pills, the doctor said that I was lucky that the traditional Chinese medicine I had chosen produced such dramatic effects on my cancer. I think anti-cancer drug alone was unlikely to be as effective. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Tian Xian liquid. Now, I am resting at home and am planning to return to work soon.

Although cancer cells have not been completely eradicated from my body, it is not inappropriate to maintain that with my present health status, I can peacefully exist with cancer. I will continue to take Tian Xian liquid in the future and go to the hospital for regular check-ups to prevent recurrence of the disease.

I was once sentenced to six months but am now almost completely recovered. I would like to express my thanks, too, to the doctor who recommended Tian Xian liquid to me; more, to Tian Xian liquid, itself.