Lung Cancer Survivor: Family Members’ Support Is The Best Cure

Tokyo, Zhu Cheng, 66

The son gave up learning abroad for father

At first, my husband was often out of breath when climbing stairs. I had not suspected it to be an initial symptom. In May 1998, the doctor diagnosed that my husband had lung cancer of a late stage.

My husband received anti-cancer drug treatments but the side effect like vomiting were so serious that he began to weaken. When he took traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai last September, his condition temporarily improved but soon deteriorated again. We were at a loss what to do but were lucky enough to be told of Tian Xian liquid. Convinced that it could really improve the immune system, I decided to put my husband’s well being in the care of Tian Xian liquid.

He began by taking 6 bottles of Tian Xian liquid, 3 bottles of natural nutritious liquid which also belond to the Tian Xian series, and Tian Xian paste. Three months later, the medicine took effect. Although he was still breathless, the dropsy in his legs had eased, the speed of pneumonedema in his chest slowed and the tumor sign dropped from 140 to 128.

For a patient, his family members’ moral support is the best cure. Our son intended to study abroad but after his father was found to have cancer, he decided to stay home to keep his father company. My husband is a pious Buddhist and since he fell ill, he had been unable to read aloud the scripture as was his usual habit. Now, our son does this for him. As for me, I have resigned from my teaching post in a middle school in order to take care of my husband. The only wish of our family now is for my husband to recover as soon as possible.