Lung Cancer Survivor: Change The Ruthless Prediction Of Death

Nakashima, Mr. Yakeshim, 64

I was lucky enough to learn of Tian Xian liquid in my anxious search for medicine

In July 1998, the doctor told me that I suffered from lung cancer and that I have only one year to live, at most. I could not accept such fact and almost fainted right there and then. I was at a loss and wanted to try whatever kind of medicine that could help. After reading the book “Fighting against Cancer”, I began to take Tian Xian liquid four times a day at regulated intervals plus Tian Xian pills.

Now, although cancer has not completely disappeared, the tumor sign is low. Besides, my strength is back and my mental state is relaxed. Up till now, I have lived for one and a half years, longer than what the doctor predicted. I am delighted at this fact and believe I will recover my health fully provided I continue to take Tian Xian liquid. I hope Dr. Wang will continued his cancer research to improve on ways to save all cancer patients.

It was through the newspaper that I go know of Tian Xian liquid and it prolonged my life for more than a year now.