Liver Cancer Survivor: My Wife’s Great Love Gets Back My Health

Puttawala, 52

It started from a traffic accident

Ten years ago, I broke my rib, and my liver and spleen were seriously hurt in a traffic accident. Since, I originally had B type hepatitis and developed into cirrhosis. At the beginning of this year, the disease aggravated. There was flatulence in my belly, fever and fatigue tortured me.

The examination in the hospital revealed that tumors were in my liver and bladder and it was confirmed to be cancerous. The doctor, however, neither revealed this fact to me nor gave specific suggestions for treatment. He simply asked me to have a check-up regularly.

At that time, I was quite lucky to know Tian Xian liquid through friends. I was quite cynical about its advertised effects but the idea of trying it was irresistible. I began to take 60 ml of Tian Xian liquid and 12 Tian Xian pills everyday.

Since my physique was identified as “internal heat”, I had fever and dropsy in my eyes as I began to drink Tian Xian liquid. The agent doctor informed me that these were symptoms of recovery and could be mitigated by drinking more water. He told me not to worry and assured me of good results if I continue drinking it.

Dramatic change

One month later, not only did the above mentioned symptoms ceased, but the flatulence in my belly, the water accumulation, fever, and fatigue that bothered me for so long all simply disappeared. The dramatic change enhanced my confidence in Tian Xian liquid and my reliance on it.

Half year later, all the discomforts left me and I became quite vigorous physically and mentally. I could even drive my beloved family members for a trip. What is more exciting is that the latest check-up showed absolutely no trace of cancer cells.

I continue to drink Tian Xian liquid to prevent another cancer attack. My recovery, however, is owed more to my wife who took great care of me than any medicine, food or sports could have done. She schedules my medicine intake, ensures I exercise, and regulates my diet. Without the moral support and care of my family member, and most important Tian Xian liquid, I could not have recovered so quickly.