Liver Cancer Survivor: I Am Not Alone In My Fight Against Cancer

Taipei, Taiwan, Mr. Dong, 56

I can’t remember how many years ago during a blood donation, I was told I carry B type hepatitis virus. From then on, I learned to be careful in my daily life, especially my diet. I never drink and go to bed at the usual fixed time. Even my family is weary of such a life but I insist on it for I know that B type hepatitis virus is likely to develop into serious liver disease.

In April 1999, all the four people in my family were infected by the flu that was spreading across town. We all had to go to the hospital and take some medicine. While my wife and sons recovered, however, I still felt tired all day and lost my usual appetite. I felt like the food was stuck in my stomach. I thought it was due to indigestion or the cold medicine that I had been taking. One night, I suddenly felt a piercing pain in my right upper abdomen, which made me unable to sleep. I got up to find pain killers in the drawer, took two pills and fell asleep.

I thought it was neuralgia for I did not feel the pain in the following two days. On the third day, as I was giving lessons in school as usual, a fit of great pain made me bend over. The students saw me turn pale in a cold sweat and brought me to the school clinic. The nurse arranged for me to be admitted in a hospital and informed my wife to proceed there. The doctor inquired about my state of health in recent years and told me to undergo several medical examinations. Finally, he asked me to take it easy in the hospital while waiting to have the tests. I did not need my wife to accompany me in the hospital for I could move around by myself. When I felt well, I walked around in the wards and chatted with family members of patients. Beside me was someone who was suffering from liver cancer at the late stage. I felt strange being located in such a ward. The following day, I went to the neighboring ward to find someone to chat with and saw a patient reading materials in his bed. I took one book randomly. It was “A Good Cure for Cancer: China No. 1 Tian Xian liquid”. Seeing him in high spirits, I began to have a good chat with him.

He told me that he suffered from liver cancer at the fourth stage. With the recommendation of his friend, he started to drink Tian Xian liquid for 3 weeks, so that he was able to sit up and read by himself. He added that were it not for Tian Xian liquid, he would have already died.

I felt a little sad and began to think. Does the doctor also suspect me to have liver cancer so that I had been put this ward? When my wife came to visit, I revealed my doubts to her. Before I finished, tears came into her eyes. She gazed at me and said that as soon as I was sent to the hospital, the doctor knew from the supersonic waves that there were two cancerous tumors in my liver; one was 7.5 cm x 8 cm and the other was 3.5 cm x 1.5 cm. Further check-up was only to see if there was a chance of cure through surgery or any other treatment.

It was a hard blow for me. I was dumbfounded! I did not know what would happen to me. Would I be reduced to skin and bones with a big abdomen like the one next door? My wife’s tears seemed to have dried up. I wouldn’t accept such fate! I was only 56. Why did cancer attack me, someone who led such a disciplined, normal life? I wanted to shout, but couldn’t make a sound. I was also afraid that shouting aloud would break the tumors in the liver.

My wife threw her arms around me and we hugged each other, hoping that time would stop. At that precise moment, my sons walked in to visit me after school. The sight of us hugging must have given them a shock. They had never seen their father and mother so intimate. When they saw the grave expression on our faces, however, they asked anxiously what had happened. I tried my best to calm down and told them that their father had liver cancer and was just waiting for treatment. My eldest son blurted out that his classmate’s father was in the next room and was also suffering from liver cancer. Aside from the treatments in the hospital, he also took a traditional Chinese medicine. I thought he must be referring to the patient I chatted with earlier.

My eldest son immediately went over to ask his classmate’s father for the materials on Tian Xian liquid. My wife and I studied the subject carefully, skipping the scientific details, which we did not know anything about. We discussed the product with each other. In the final analysis, we decided to wait for the doctor’s decision as to whether Tian Xian liquid may be taken too.

The next day, the doctor said that since the tumor was so close to the main vessel, an operation would be very difficult. He decided to conduct embolism treatment first, which had slight side effects, and then supplementary treatment based on the results. At that time, I was able to give a sober consideration of my condition. I saw a toll free number in the reading materials and tried calling that number. I did not expect to reach the home office in Hong Kong. The lady who answered the phone explained in detail their services. What tempted me to give the product a try was that the lady said that when you ask about their products, you should let them know your condition and the treatment you have had so far, so that they would know how to help.

I felt that this company was very object yet caring so I took the medicine as prescribed by the lady. I also asked the patient next door about his conditions after taking Tian Xian liquid. The so-called combination of western medicine and Chinese treatment was thus carried out in my case.

I left the hospital ten days later when the embolism treatment was finished. I continued to drink Tian Xian liquid and continued to contact the office in Hong Kong for consultations through the toll free number. They also instructed me on matters that deserve my attention such as the stress in my daily life and my diet. I feel that they are not only selling a product but taking care of every patient that comes their way in a very real sense. I maintain contact with my son’s classmate’s father, too. He shares the same feeling that we are being taken care of by a group of people who are really concerned about us.

My wife also calls Hong Kong for matters on diet and always gets satisfactory answers and instructions. Now, I pay more attention to my physical state and ask my whole family to take care of themselves and their diet. I do not want for another one to get affected or my sons will not be taken good care of should I, the backbone of the family, die.

I had been drinking Tian Xian liquid for over one year now and pay attention to the stresses in my daily life. My family has become more closely knit. I want nothing more than more time to spend with my family. Tian Xian liquid helps me a lot and the company is guiding me.

Also, I’d like to thank all the people in the Chine-Japan Feida Company for their assistance and concern. I now value what I have more! I am not lonely in my fight against cancer for I have great moral support. Although it is a big expense, I believe life is much more important than money.

I would pay any price if only I can live just one day more.