Liver Cancer Survivor: Determination To Fight Against Cancer

Hong Kong, Mr. Cheng Chi Keung, 67

Bear tremendous sufferings only to survive

Nearly one year ago, I felt bothered by itching on my hands and feet. I had a check-up at the Ma Jia Lie hospital, but the doctor only talked to my wife about the results of my test. I found my wife behaving strangely afterwards and only my repeated questioning made her tell me the truth.

It was perhaps liver cancer but the tumor had grown so big that an operation had been ruled out. The doctor was sure that I would only live for maybe half a year. Radiation and chemotherapy may prolong my life to two years if I was lucky and the treatments were successful.

It was so unacceptable. I immediately went through anti-cancer drug and radiation treatments to extend my life even for just another two years. The treatments, though, added to my sufferings.

Maybe I was really lucky that I got to know of Tian Xian liquid from my wife’s friend at this most crucial of times in my life. My wife and daughter told me not to worry about money but to simply grasp at any opportunity for cure. I thought that even if it leads to economic burdens, it would only last for half a year. In order not to disappoint my wife and daughter, I began to drink Tian Xian liquid.

Unexpectedly, a miracle happened. My physical condition improved. My appetite was back and the sense of flatulence disappeared. Insomnia, which was caused by dysphoria and the terrible itch that afflicted me disappeared. I could now sleep soundly until the following morning.

I made up my mind then to fight cancer more vigorously. I stopped taking the anti-cancer drug and only relied on Tian Xian liquid every day. I believe that as long as my physical condition is recovering, then my body can generate the necessary strength to defeat cancer. Although I still feel itching on my skin now and then, I feel calm and energetic.