Laryngopharynx Cancer Survivor: Resolution – Never To Give Up

Laryngopharynx Cancer Survivor: Resolution – Never To Give Up

Saga County, Mr. Tanaka, 64

In February 1996, the local hospital diagnosed me as suffering from Laryngopharynx cancer. I was immediately admitted for treatment with anti-cancer drug to reduce the tumor and to await operation.

I felt well after the operation and was allowed to leave the hospital in April. Before I could even enjoy the satisfaction of recovery, I was again afflicted with great pain at the end of September. The examination showed that the cancer cells had attacked again and that I could now only rely on radiation treatment.

Subsequently, a neighbor who had been taking Tian Xian liquid recommended it to me. I began to take Tian Xian liquid and at the same time, went for chemical treatment.

I drank six bottles of Tian Xian liquid every day. Three months later, the pain stopped and the tumor disappeared. The doctor said that there is no sign of metastasis so that I felt relaxed and totally relieved. Now, I am in good physical and mental condition and invulnerable to colds and flu, too. I can enjoy a healthy life. I still continue to drink Tian Xian liquid to ease my worry of recurrence.