Intestine Cancer Survivor: “Thanks to Tian Xian Liquid, My Normal Family Life is Restored”

Rick Mabin, 62
New York, USA

I suffered from diabetes before my 40s, after trying all kinds of medications, my health went bad. My doctor advised me to have further examinations but I hesitated because my diabetes doctor said that these conditions are quite normal for patients with diabetes.

In June 1992, the condition worsened and I was referred to another hospital where I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. I was hospitalized immediately and they gave me anti-hepatitis vaccine everyday.

The high fever in the beginning was really annoying but I attributed it to the medicines. I did not stay in the hospital very long. When we returned home from a family trip on the following year, I found blood in my stool one morning. An examination concluded that it was intestinal cancer. Surgery and hospitalization followed.

…surgery removed about
1.5 cm of my intestine.

They removed about 1.5 cm of my intestine and the doctor said that it was a pity that I did not discover it earlier. I went back to work for about a year but I was so tired that I could only lie down resting most of the time.

…after 10 hours surgery the doctor told me that the
intestinal cancer had spread..

It was not long before I was hospitalized for liver cancer. Both chemotherapy and surgery were administered. I had a ten-hour surgery and the doctor told me that the intestinal cancer had spread. I suffered a lot from the accumulation of water in the abdomen since the surgery.

In April, I chanced upon learning about the amazing Tian Xian Liquid from a news story. My daughter purchased some immediately. On April 16, they used a urination medication to discharge the water in my abdomen which resulted in the discharge of 2000 ml on April 19.

As a result protein is lost. They used some kind of special machine to supplement protein through dripping. My insurance did not cover all the costs and I had to pay US$2,000 for each treatment. The lymph duct was possibly infected and another probing surgery was necessary.

…unusual white substances came out…I didn’t think that he knew what the substance was
My doctor told me that I could go home anytime I want to.

Although nothing was found in the lymph duct, the surgery confirmed the cancer had been spread to the liver. I did not have much time to live. I increased the dosage of Tian Xian Liquid to six bottles a day and a few days later, unusual white substances came out of the tubes connected to my body. My doctor told me that I could go home if I want to.

This was frightening to hear, I thought this meant that I was going to die soon. I didn’t think that he knew what the substance was. May be it was a product of the Tian Xian Liquid. The water in my abdomen began to disappear and related procedures to extract them were suspended.

…I regained my energy
and normal life was resumed.

About a month later, all the tubes used to discharge the fluid were removed and I went home in February. Then I regained my energy and my normal life resumed.

Thank You, Tian Xian Liquid!