Intestine Cancer Survivor: Side Effects Reduced due to Tian Xian Liquid

Ms. Lin Su Feng, 54

I suffered from severe diarrhea in February 1998 and I lost 8 kgs for no apparent reason. I went to the Chengkung University Hospital for a bleeding anus and I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.

According to the doctors, bloody stool was a typical symptom for intestinal cancer. Many people mistake it as a sign of hemorrhoids and thus, don’t detect the cancer in its early stages.

…a friend’s wife recovered from breast cancer by using Tian Xian Liquid 

Immediate hospitalization and surgery were arranged and my co-workers recommended Tian Xian Liquid to me before the surgery. In fact, they told me that a friend’s wife recovered from breast cancer by using it.

…an examination 6 months later proved everything returned to normal
…side effect of radio therapy and chemotherapy were greatly reduced and I recovered faster

So I accepted their recommendation without a thought. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Tian Xian Liquid and Tian Xian Capsule were used at the same time. An examination six months later proved everything returned to normal. I am still using Tian Xian Liquid and Tian Xian Capsule. By using them, the side effects of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy were greatly reduced and I recovered faster and better than other patients with the same condition.