Intestine Cancer Survivor: Middle Stage Intestinal Cancer Disappeared after 1 Year

Mr. Meng Ya Shu (80, China)

Intestine Cancer Survivor - middle stage intestine cancer disappeared after 1 yearIt happened in 1986, 3 years after my retirement. I had a poor appetite and there was a lump in my belly. At first, I thought it was due to old age, but more and more illnesses showed up (and I still took no action for 2 to 3 months). But it became more and more painful and eventually, I was admitted to the hospital.

“…a carcinoma of large intestine at serious condition.”

The result of the examination was “carcinoma of large intestine at a serious condition”, and I attended treatment immediately.

However, I lost most of my hair due to side effect of the anti-cancer agent, and worse, I still had pain in my belly.

By that time, I heard that Mr. Wang, who also lived in Tong Hua City, had developed an anti-cancer Chinese medicine called “Tian Xian Pills” and I paid him a visit immediately. I took the dose regularly, at 3 times a day, 6 pills each time, realizing that I did not have to worry about side effect of Chinese medicines.

“The cancerous cells gradually diminished due to the effect of the medicine.”

I kept on taking the dose for half a year. The cancerous cells gradually diminished due to the effect of the medicine. 6 months later, I was surprised to discover cancerous cells had disappeared.

Later, I continued with the dosage of Tian Xian Liquid to prevent the disease from coming back.

Before, my weight dropped from 78 kgs to 50 kgs. Now it improved to 67 kgs (which is normal).

It’s been almost 10 years since my struggle with cancer started. I already had stopped taking Tian Xian Liquid. I am considered healthy in my regular medical check-ups.