Intestine Cancer Survivor: For the sake of my family, I Never Surrendered to Intestine Cancer

Fred Walter, 52
Los Angeles, CA, USA

My condition was getting worse for I lost weight and couldn’t drive. An examination at the Los Angeles Public Hospital showed that I might have cancer. They arranged for me to have a CT scan at a cancer specialist hospital and their diagnosis confirmed that it was intestinal cancer.

…it was a terminal cancer and
surgery was immediately necessary

Man is a strange animal; I felt severe abdominal pain on the day when the diagnosis came out. It was a terminal cancer and surgery was immediately necessary.

My Chinese mother-in-law know that Tian Xian Liquid was a famous anti-cancer Chinese medicine and she sent me some. The surgery took place on April 5, 1998.

Chemotherapy immediately followed the surgery and I began to take Tian Xian Liquid at the same time. Although the surgery had removed most part of the affected tissues, cancer cells remained in the lymph gland, which made recurrence very likely. The doctor told me about all the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and I was very lucky not to suffer any of them.

…there has been no recurrence

I continued to use Tian Xian Liquid after the surgery and the cancer cells that remained in my body were removed and to date, there has been no recurrence. I lost of weight during my ordeal. In the first six months after the surgery my weight went from 50kg to 70kg and I felt more energetic than before.

…To prevent the recurrence of cancer
I take Tian Xian Liquid everyday

I have four children and I need to continue working for the next five or ten years before I’m able to retire. To prevent the recurrence of cancer, I take Tian Xian Liquid everyday.