Intestine Cancer Survivor: Find Healthier Life After Cancer

Intestine Cancer Survivor: Find Healthier Life After Cancer


As the proverb says, “Find a floating wood when drowning in water”. In June 1996, after medical examinations in three different hospitals, I was declared to have sigmoid flexure cancer of the fourth stage. Questions flashed through my mind. “How could this be possible?” I could do nothing but listen to the doctor. After a week in the hospital, I thought it was time for surgery but the doctor told me to give myself time.

Subsequently, the doctor in charge explained to my husband and myself that there is a small shadow in my lung and that it would be better to cut it off together to avoid another operation. Another doctor told us that I would have to endure great pain after the operation. My husband and I became tongue-tied.

The operation lasted for five hours and I was released from the hospital two weeks after. At that time, I curiously found books and advertisements on “defeating cancer”. This message was from Dr. Wang Zhengguo who was to deliver a lecture in a visit to Japan. I decided to listen to his lecture to have a clearer understanding of what he meant. Dr. Wang’s instructions during the lecture were easy to comprehend so I decided to drink Tian Xian liquid after.

The effect was surprisingly marvelous. Tests did not find anything wrong with me. Now I swim every day to keep healthy and continue to drink Tian Xian liquid until I will be fully recovered.

I should thank my husband for letting me know about Tian Xian liquid. He lived in Man Zhou when he was 13 to 19 years old and, during the following 50 years, established good relationships all over China as a respected member of the China-Japan Friendship Association. At first, I really did not trust traditional Chinese medicine. I was quite lucky that my husband applied for my participation at the lecture conducted by Dr. Wang. Now, although medicine in Japan has advanced rapidly, ideal post-operation treatment has not yet been developed. Many cancer patients have to explore better treatment by exchanging mutual experiences. As a result, those who do not want to reveal their illness or wish to discuss about it or want to know about other people’s illness become isolated and live every day of their afflicted life by themselves. For them, the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association is the best source of information. Not only can you know the results of various treatments and the process of developing these new medicines, but you can also know other patient’s feelings and experiences. I hope that other patients suffering from cancer can get out of their self-made shadows and step into the sunlight of knowledge as soon as possible.