Intestine Cancer Survivor: Conquer The Incurable Pain

Intestine Cancer Survivor: Conquer The Incurable Pain

Kanagawa County, Mr. Kikuchyo, 70

In the intense competition of modern society, I caught duodenal cancer at the age of 58. After retirement, I caught herpes zoster at the age of 68 and suffered a lot from intercostals neuralgia. A friend of mine who used to suffer from the same symptom suggested receiving treatment at the hospital immediately. Since the condition of my family did not allow it, I often woke up at midnight in great pain.

During this time, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment eliminated the pimple and redness on the skin but intercostals neuralgia still remained. Afterwards, my strength declined, I felt weak in my back and feet and cold in my limbs. I thought I was going to die. Later, I thought that a “sound digestive system is the basis of health”, so I began to search among traditional Chinese medicines available in Japan for a suitable medicine for my digestive system. It happened that I came to know the Natural Nutritious Liquid at Doctor Wang Zhengguo’s lecture. I began to drink it immediately and exciting effect was achieved.

Marvelous effect made me excited!

It tastes sour and sweet as if I had drunk it before, and I have really felt its effects on my digestive organs. I picked up the confidence in my health although I was physically weakened. The Natural Nutritious Liquid not only worked on my digestive system, warmed my hands and feet, but also had anti-cancer functions. In my opinion, traditional Chinese medicine helped me recover the function of my internal organs.

I am now in my late seventies. Combining western and Chinese medicines seems as if the Natural Nutritious Liquid was bestowed by God. Here, I’d like to express my gratitude again.