Intestine Cancer Survivor: Don’t Give Up!

Mr. Nakaro, 49
Miyagi County


Chemical treatment did not take much effect

In April 1998, my 49-year-old brother underwent an operation for intestine cancer (sigmoid flexure). After the operation, he began to drink 500 ml juice decocted from 5 grams Sheng Yong after taking water.

Urine tested normal after a period of time and the side effects of the treatment were not serious. His recovery could be considered successful. He mainly ate vegetables, and replaced meat with fish in his diet. He continued to drink Sheng Yong juice.

Ten months later, it was found that the cancer cells spread to his liver. The doctor suggested another operation or any of the available chemical treatments. My brother decided on the direct injection of anti-cancer drug once a month, three times per course. But, the tumor sign did not change much during this period.


Convinced that the disease can be cured

In November 1999, radiation treatment was conducted as soon as it was recommended. At that time, I encouraged my brother and sister-in-law to read the book “Fighting against Cancer” and to take Tian Xian liquid as soon as possible. Thus, from December, he began to drink 4 to 6 bottles of Tian Xian liquid and continued for half a year. Since my brother does his work outdoors, his throat often felt parched. Since drinking Tian Xian liquid, his throat started feeling smooth.

In June this year, I had a chance to go to Hong Kong and, with the help of the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association, visited the headquarters there. Under the instruction of the headquarters, my brother began to use Tian Xian paste as well. He, himself, often said that Tian Xian paste really made his digestive system unobstructed. He received treatment through induct insertion, as previously agreed with the doctor, to cure the remaining tumor.

Now, my brother still takes Tian Xian liquid together with 2 Tian Xian pastes according to his physical condition.

Although there is positive sign of recovery, it is still not the most desirable result. We are sure that the disease can be cured with the efforts of my brother and those around him.