Esophagus Cancer Survivor: I Recovered from Esophagus Cancer without Surgery

Mr. Ma Guan Ren (53, China)

Everything started as an uneasy feeling while I was eating. The condition persisted for about 2 whole months and swallowing became increasingly difficult.

“…5.5 cm esophagus tumor”

On October 23, 1996, I was diagnosed with esophagus cancer. I was immediately hospitalized at the Henan Tumor Hospital for treatment for 5.5 cm tumor. The doctors said that surgery was impossible.

“…tumor had grown to 8.5 cm”

After 2 months of chemotherapy and 1 month of radiotherapy, there were no apparent signs of recovery. The barium milk test in March 1997 confirmed that the tumor had grown to 8.5 cm big.

I was anxious about the therapies and when I learned about Tian Xian Liquid from the news, I immediately tried it. In less than 2 weeks, swallowing problem had greatly improved, chest pain was relieved, and my over all condition got better.

“…in less than 2 weeks
swallowing had greatly improved,
chest pain was releived”

I left the hospital on March 27 and I kept using Tian Xian Liquid when I went home and the swallowing problems disappeared, chest pains left, and all other symptoms faded.

I followed the dietary instructions given by Mr. Wang and I regained my appetite and gradually gained back 15kgs.

“…an examination in Nov ’98
confirmed that there was no
signs of recurrence.”

A barium milk test in July showed that everything was normal and an examination in November 1998 confirmed that there was no sign of recurrence.