DAZE/ANEMIA – Natural Nutritious Liquid Removes Daze

Tokyo, Miss Sakara, 29

Sometime this year, I often felt dazed and was easily tired. Even my heartbeat quickened. Since I was physically weak from childhood and suffered a lot from dymenorrhea. I did not take this seriously. These symptoms aggravated, however, so I went to the OB-GYNE section. The results were invariably “abnormal exhaustion, anemia”, which made me depressed. I had no choice but to take medicines.

There was no sign of improvement and even my sense of taste became strange. Roast meat is my favorite but I could not swallow even a small piece. My weight began to drop. When I was spending every day dazed, I got to know Doctor Wang Zheng Guo, who came to Japan to deliver a lecture.

At first sight of me, Doctor Wang said, “Your physical state is so bad. It may be due to the weakening function of thyroid gland.” He pointed to the problem. I immediately accepted Doctor Wang’s suggestion to take the natural nutritious liquid. On the first day, I felt energetic and it was simply marvelous.

Before that, the dog (female 40 kg) that belonged to my family had a cancer on her gingival and it grew bigger. After an operation was performed to cut it off, the doctor said it will surely attack again. Just as expected, the tumor at this part grew even bigger. My family did not have the heart to see her suffer so much. I thought the medicine that works on people must have the same effect on animals. So I placed an order for Tian Xian liquid and let her drink eight bottles of it per day. I poured Tian Xian liquid on a clean rag and applied it to the affected part. Seeing her so frisky days after, I felt elated at the natural instincts of animals for survival. As a result, the tumor grew smaller and disappeared completely after four months.

After this experience, I began to drink two bottles of the natural nutritious liquid per day.

Two weeks later, since there wasn’t much change to my body, I thought of giving it up. Eventually I went on. My appetite began to recover from the third week onward and my mental and physical states returned to normal gradually. Finally, the daze that had troubled me disappeared. Only the person concerned could feel these experiences. I don’t have to take any other medicines any more. As a bonus, even my rough skin gradually turned smooth and soft.

It is three months since I began to drink the natural nutritious liquid. My weight has recovered and I can enjoy the delicious roast meat again. Since I haven’t tasted it for long, I eat a lot. Now, I am faced with another problem – overweight.