Colon Cancer Survivor: Taking Tian Xian To Prevent A Relapse of Colon Cancer

Chen San Mei, 40
Telok Anson, Perak, Malaysia

In October 1999, my third elder sister was diagnosed as having 3rd stage colon cancer. The malignant tumour at the tip of the colon had spread to the middle part. Though we were not well off, we were forced to send her to the expensive Ipoh Specialist Centre for emergency operation. The surgeon cut away quite a big chunk of colon near the anus and installed a colostomy bag on her abdomen.

The doctor ordered for chemotherapy after the surgery. I used to work for Mr. Chong of Tombo Enterprise, the agent for TXL in Malaysia, and had learnt something about the harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I knew TXL product series could achieve the same therapeutic effect as that of chemotherapy and radiotherapy without causing any undesirable side effects.

After some discussion, we decided not to let my sister go through with chemotherapy and started to give her TXL three weeks after the surgery. After 3 courses, we switched to Tian Xian pills. It has been 7 months now since the surgery. My sister’s complexion has turned from pale to rosy, and she has gained 10 over pounds.

Two weeks ago, when she went back to the hospital to get her surgery report and do a blood test, it was confirmed that she was absolutely free from any cancer cells! I believe that her cancer has been cured, thanks to TXL product series!