Breast Cancer Survivor: Only A Little Traces of Breast Cancer Left Behind

Su Guo Hua

Male / 53 years old / Breast Cancer / Selangor, Malaysia

I experienced some tightness in the chest, uneasiness and breathing difficulty in early October 1999. My voice was gone one day, so I took some Chinese medicine and went to bed, but could not sleep due to dizzy spells and cold sweats. When I went for a check-up at the hospital, I was diagnosed as having breast cancer. The CT scan revealed a 14.8cm x 12cm tumour in my chest on 14th January 2000.

After the diagnosis, the doctor told me the tumour was too big and covered too extensive an area, ramifying into blood vessels and nerves, thereby making surgery highly inappropriate. If surgery was done, the success rate would only be around 80%, thus he would not recommend it. He suggested 6 chemotherapy sessions to shrink the tumour first, then hopefully he could remove it surgically or follow up with radiotherapy.

…the tumour was basically gone, leaving very little traces

On 4th December 1999 Prof. Wang Zhen Guo, the inventor of Tian Xian came to Malaysia to deliver a seminar. After some briefing by him on Tian Xian, I started taking the product on 6th December 1999, and underwent chemotherapy 3 weeks later. On 28th March 2000, after 3 sessions of chemotherapy, the doctor did a CT scan on me and discovered that the tumour was basically gone, leaving very little traces. I continued with TXL and TX Pill No. 3 and finished the 3 other chemotherapy sessions. The check-up on 12th July revealed the same result—no tumour, only little traces left. Now I am still taking TXL for the prevention of cancer relapse. I feel lively and sleep soundly.