Brain Cancer Survivor: Family Members Are Surprised At My Recovery

Lady Shimitsu, 63
Saitama County

For the whole day, I had diarrhea, acute pain in the back and abdomen and I felt extremely tired. The doctor diagnosed pancreas tumor. This happened in February of this year. The disease was caused by liquid flowing into the pancreas and forming a malignant tumor. All the pain was caused by the after-effect of brain cancer. When the doctor told me of the disease, I was too shocked to comment.

On April 26, when I was informed of the result of the endoscopy and MRI, the doctor explained the complications of the big operation planned. I think I will never forget that day in my life, fear and pain tortured me. At that time, I heard of a good traditional Chinese medicine, although it was not too clear whether the medicine could cure cancer, I thought that I should at least give it a try.

My son brought me the books written by Dr. Wang Zhengguo and I found more information from International Cancer Recovery Association, the more convinced I got that this might be my cure. Since, I had never discriminated against traditional Chinese medicine, it was easy for me to understand the functions of the medicine.

I was then weighing whether I needed to undergo an operation, so, I thought that I might as well start on my Tian Xian therapy. I began taking Tian Xian liquid on May 6. The next day, I immediately felt different and as I continued taking the liquid, my intuition was becoming confirmed.

…my bowel movement improved …constant pain also disappeared

Several days after, my bowel movement improved and almost returned to normal. The constant pain also disappeared. Before that, I could not sleep well because of the pain and when I went out, I always felt upset. My family tried their best to support me.

On May 29, it was the first time that I went to the hospital for a regular MRI examination with excitement.

…I saw the surprised expression on the doctor’s face. I knew my condition was better than anyone else…

Two days later, the result came out with the pancreas tumor obviously reduced in size so that an operation was no longer required. I still have to undergo frequent examination, though. When I heard the result from the doctor, I saw the surprised expression on the doctor’s face. I knew my condition was better than anyone else and I felt more relieved after the doctor actually confirmed it.

The blood test on my out brain also showed positive results. The doctor said not to worry about anything anymore. He even added that I should believe in Tian Xian liquid.

In the past, I always tried to avoid medical examinations in the hospital, but now, I hope to know the effect of Tian Xian liquid regularly. On my birthday in October, I also pledged to God to have MRI often. My son recently declared that I have fully recovered but I dared not let down my vigilance because recovery cannot be achieved so quickly, I have to be patient.

Besides, the Shang Rong Tea that I drank under the instructions of the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association took much effect against diarrhea.

Later on, I came to know that it was also effective for non-cancer patients so I recommend it to my relatives and friends. I have drunk Tian Xian liquid for several months. Although I can’t give a detailed account here, I will try to relate my experiences to more people and continue drinking it.