Bone Cancer Survivor: I Am Not The Only One Who Suffers From Cancer

Kanagawa County, Lady Yamamura, 65 It was seven or eight years ago that I came to know of Tian Xian liquid because of my husband’s illness. Several years after we forgot Tian Xian liquid, the doctor informed us that the tumor indicator had risen to an alarming level. Drip-feeding was required. I received the injection of drip-feeding for three hours. After that, my husband declared that we shall go home after the treatment. Curiously, I was holding in my hand an anti-cancer drug. I went back to the hospital one week later and asked the doctor if I had caught cancer. It was the first time I ever heard of “polymyeloma”. I thought that if I had really caught cancer, I should start drinking Tian Xian liquid.

In October, the Tian Xian liquid I ordered was delivered through the agency. After taking it for some time, the sense of numbness in hands and feet felt better.

During the Spring Festival, my daughter and I planned to take my 3-year-old grandson for a visit to the Palace Museum in Taiwan. One week before this trip, I went through another injection of drip-feeding in the hospital and took anti-cancer drug as well. I brought my Tian Xian liquid with me and surreptitiously continued my regimen. I lost all my hair after returning from Taiwan but I still had a nice trip. I thought that Tian Xian liquid allayed the side effects so I was encouraged to drink it constantly. Soon after, I took part in a meeting in Tokyo organized by the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association. After listening to the lectures delivered by Dr. Wang Zheng Guo, and the warm-hearted Mr. A. Bu from the ninth clinic, I found that I was not alone in my fight against cancer. There were so many people of strong character and iron will power trying their best to defeat the disease. Now, I no longer feel numbness in my hands and feet and the tumor indicator is steady. I used to be required to go to the hospital once a week for check-up but now, it has been reduced to once a month. Next year, I am going to Kampuchea to visit the Wu Ge Borrow, so I am full of expectations and excitement. In order to control the side effects of the anti-cancer drug, I continue to drink four bottles of Tian Xian liquid aside from receiving acupunture and moxibustion.

I am filled with gratitude for Tian Xian liquid.