Bone Cancer Survivor: Family Members Support Surpasses All

Gifu County, Lady Nagada, 49


In August 1995, I was found to have skin cancer at the neck (malignant melanoma). I have fought against this disease for five years now.

In the first two years after an operation, I recovered satisfactorily. My life returned to normal except for the times when I had to go for regular examination. During a check-up on the third year, cancer cells were revealed to have metastasized to my chest. I received anti-cancer drug treatment for this affliction and, at the same time, I tried all kinds of available medicines like Chinese caterpillar fungus. Nothing brought exciting development. I was at a loss.

I came to know Tian Xian liquid in the radio program “Sheng Dao HIROSI, Good morning!” and through newspaper advertisements. As usual, I immediately bought the product.

In the first three months, I drank four bottles of the liquid per day. After cancer cells were found to have spread to my abdomen, I included six Tian Xian pills to my regimen. Fortunately, the tumor in my chest reduced in size. Although the tumor in my abdomen remained unchanged, the disease was finally put under control.

When the cancer cells were again found to have affected the bone of my leg, I began to take six bottles of Tian Xian liquid per day and twelve Tian Xian pills while undergoing radiation treatment.

I could not do simple housework and even walk around with a crutch. I have passed through this difficulty with the help of my family. My husband and three children paid great attention to my needs. They also searched for anti-cancer medicines and health food from the Internet and advertisement. They also do the housework for me. My gratitude to my family is endless.

Now, I hope to share my experiences and feelings with other patients who suffer from malignant melanoma. Besides communicating with family members, more ideas and suggestions can be exchanged if a meeting could be held for people who drink Tian Xian liquid.