Bone Cancer Survivor: Defeated The Tremendous Pain Caused By Cancer

Shijuoka County, Lady Nagada, 69


After thorough physical examination in 1989, I went through surgery for cancer in my right thyroid gland. Up to now, I continue to take hormone pills to supplement my bodily function. Although my life returned to normal, five years later in 1994, cancer again appeared in my uterus. Another operation was performed to cut away the afflicted part. One year after, the remaining cancer cells were found in my vagina and I had to undergo a third operation.

The last operation must have been a big accident! It was a failed operation because at the time, my bladder adhered to the intestine and the doctor cut off the healed bladder as well. As a result, urine flowed to my abdomen and my bladder deteriorated. The doctor suggested cutting away the whole bladder but I had hoped to keep at least the half that was not afflicted. Finally, only a small part was left.

Only this operation caused a great burden on my body. In September 1998, the cancer was found to have metastasized again. At first, I felt slight pain in my back and waist. The acute pain made me unable to move. I was in the hospital again and the doctor said that an operation on the waist might make me unable to walk. Considering that I was approaching 70, I refused further operations and opted to have radiation therapy.

The pain in my waist was not relieved despite the continuous treatment. I could not sit nor stand. I had difficulty even turning over in bed. I took morphine to kill the pain during my stay in the hospital and continued doing so even after my release. It did not solve the problem either!

At that time, my daughter’s friend gave me a book entitled “Fighting against Cancer” with the suggestion to try other medicines rather than wait for death.

With my family’s support and encouragement, I started to take Tian Xian liquid for five months. Gradually the pain eased and I no longer needed the added dosage of morphine. I could finally walk around without being supported and sometimes, I even forget to take the morphine.

It was so unbelievable! In September 1998, my family was still afraid that I couldn’t spend the New Year with them. But I was determined to greet the new millennium with my beloved family. Now, I am so energetic! Although I can’t hold one position for long, I am able to do light housework. Before I fell ill, I was cooking three meals a day, washing clothes and cleaning the rooms every day. Now, I feel so delighted at any thing that I can accomplish well. I take interest in weaving and patching. Considering the designs of the pattern, I really feel satisfied.

Going through such a terrible experience makes me think one’s fate is destined. Of course, I hope to live longer. While taking Tian Xian liquid, I no longer feel anxious but more eager to face new challenges and new things. No one should demand too much of himself, however. So I simply relax, keep optimistic and I believe I will be strong enough to fight against disease.