Anemia – Patient Of Iron-deficiency Anemia Enjoying Delicious Food Again

Tokyo, Mr. Nohara, 39

It was twenty years since I was found to be suffering from anemia through a blood test. To be specific, it was iron-deficiency anemia. Sometimes, the disease becomes so serious that I had to receive blood transfusion. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized one time because the blood transfusion caused acute hepatitis. It was a blessing that I did not feel the typical symptoms of anemia such as daze. Even when I caught hepatitis, I did not lose my appetite, now had jaundice.

Soon afterwards, my liver function returned to normal. My white blood cells, red blood cells, and hemoglobin count were maintained on low levels so I began to try various health foods. Although I ate rough unmilled rice, my blood circulation was still not good. My body couldn’t take in nutrition and there was no sign of improvement. My weight did not increase and I remained physically weak like before.

Four or five years ago, I resumed yoga, which I previously stopped because I wanted to wait when I grew stronger. At that time, I began to drink the natural nutritious liquid I had heard of. The list of ingredients showed that a bottle of 10 ml natural nutritious liquid contains such natural medicinal herbs as ginseng, Chinese caterpillar fungus, glossy ganoderma, etc., each of which has unique function. Besides, since it also contains honey, it tastes sweet and is easy to drink.

Every time I drank the natural nutritious liquid before meal, I had appetite. Normally, I couldn’t drink a large amount of water at one time but I could drink the natural nutritious liquid easily three times a day, in the morning, noon and at night. The health examination three months later showed that my red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, and blood cell specific volume were within the normal range. All my friends and relatives were surprised and glad at my increasing weight.

Everyone has different ways of keeping healthy. As for me, the natural nutritious liquid and yoga are most suitable. I’m so happy to find the suitable way to keep healthy. I’ll continue this way.