Uterus Cancer Survivor: Western Medicine Alone Did Not Cure Me

Ms. Zeng Wu Mei, 69

I am working as a senior nurse. I had uterus problems due to menopause in 1990 but I still continued with my work. However, in August I was diagnosed with Stage 4 uterus cancer. The tumor was about 9cm in diameter. I underwent surgery and I was hoping that it could remove the affected area. I then took chemotherapy treatment, and I suffered greatly from the side effects.

…cancer was detected from my liver and spleen.

Two years later, cancer was detected in my liver and spleen. Worst of all, the uterus cancer also recurred.

I then learned about Tian Xian Liquid from some of my hospital patients. I did not believe in it, even though a patient claimed that it was able cure her.

…I felt the effect of the medication

Without any other choice, I then decided to take it. Not long after trying it, I felt the effect of the medication. The human body is amazing, it can feel the effect of the medication inside it.

After months of using it, the side effects of the chemotherapy were relieved and my body recovered. After taking the liquid and the capsule, I was well enough to go back to work.

I stopped going to chemotherapy treatments, and instead I took Tian Xian Liquid and Tian Xian Capsule.

…the uterus cancer has disappeared.

It has been ten years now, the uterus cancer has disappeared and my health has improved.