Uterus Cancer Survivor: Uterus Tumor was Reduced

Ms. Lau Siu Ying (65, Hong Kong)

I was diagnosed with a muscle tumor in 1996. Surgery took place, a part of my uterus and an ovary were removed. To prevent any recurrence, I took radiotherapy treatment afterwards.

Cancer cells were again discovered in my uterus in the spring of 1997.

Further examinations showed that cancer cells have transferred to my chest and brain. It was a traumatic experience!

“…told me that they did not know what to do(what a disappointing response).”

Even after an extensive treatment at the hospital, nothing happened. The staff at the hospital told me that they did not know what to do (what a disappointing response).

Surgery was not possible; they suggested more radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. I declined because I knew that it wouldn`t work.

“…excited after hearing that Mr. Wang understoodmy condition..”

In June, my brother met Mr. Wang, and he was told to advise me to try Tian Xian Liquid. I was excited after hearing that Mr. Wang understood my condition and had advised me to use the liquid and the capsule for six months.

Not long after using it, I slowly regained my appetite and my condition improved.

“…doctors could not believed that I was able to recover.”

After 6 months, nobody would believed that I suffered from cancer anymore. The doctors could not believe that I was able to recover. A recent checkup showed that tumor in my uterus had disappeared.