Uterus Cancer Survivor: Tian Xian Helped me Defeat Cancer

Taipei, Taiwan, Jun Wan, 58

I was once weary of life because of the violent side effects.

During the past 12 years, cancer had attacked me three times; breast cancer, uterus cancer first and then liver cancer two years ago. Physical sufferings and great fear were part and parcel of my daily life and made me feel that indeed my life would be short.

To what degree could the most advance examination techniques, operations and chemical treatments of modern medicine control my disease? The side effects were so unbearable sometimes that I even did not want to live anymore.

One of my father’s friends, who is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, instructed me on how to combine western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine to derive the best results against cancer.

With the help of my father and that doctor, I began to take traditional Chinese medicine, an anti-cancer medicine called “Tian Xian Liquid”, which was developed by means of modern technology.

Tian Xian liquid not only relieved me of the suffering from side effects caused by western medicine, such as vomiting, difficulty in swallowing, and hair loss.

Besides, I was gradually recovering my strength, which inspired me to hope for a longer life. The doctor in charge and friends were quite amazed at my robust appearance. Tian Xian liquid really helped me defeat cancer.

Anyway, I’d like to thank the doctors and nurses who tried their best to save me. It is with their help and support that I am able to see light in the darkness once again and pick up my writing.

Recalling my struggle against cancer, I feel as if I were a blade of grass braving the strong wind and courageously hanging on, never receding in the face of hardships and growing robustly in the warm sunshine. Life to me is not only important but also more beautiful.

Now, I do not live only for survival. I’d like to encourage all patients to go through the difficulty with cheer.