Thyroid Cancer Survivor: There were no side effects even when chemical treatment was carried out

Hong Kong, Sing Kam Yuen, 56


I had never expected to have cancer at my age! For some unknown reason, it was malignant thymus tumor, which is rarely seen in the world. In December 1996, I went to the hospital due to slight pain in the chest and fever. At first, the cause could not be detected. After X-rays and various other examinations, it was confirmed to be malignant thymus tumor. The doctor in charge said there are very few such cases in the whole world. Even if the treatment is successful, he said it was impossible to recover.

If it was impossible to recover, then that means the I am dying. Why the doctor told me so directly, I think was because he knew I was a Catholic and my belief gave me the courage to face death. But I was frightened and dazed. When I was introspecting on this punishment from God, I was in great fear of death. I told my family about my disease and my brother-in-law immediately recommended Tian Xian liquid. I thought that if western medicine did not help, I could try traditional Chinese medicine. I began to drink Tian Xian liquid during the four months I was in the hospital. Chemical treatment was administered once a month but I did not suffer from any side effects such as vomiting and hair loss.

Even the doctor was amused and questioning. I believed that Tian Xian liquid took effect immediately. Another surprise was in store for me when my girlfriends left me upon my release from the hospital.

I did not hide the truth from her because I thought she would have an uncertain future with me. The idea of marriage to her, however, was all the inspiration I had to fight cancer. The news that she was leaving me surprised me as much as cancer. I refused to be demoralized, however. With the notion that God is with me, I continued to receive the chemical treatment and drank the Tian Xian liquid diligently.

In May 1997, an examination showed that the cancer cells completely disappeared. Now, I simply need to go to the hospital for check-up once a month. That period of my life seemed long. I have used up all the money I had saved for my marriage. For someone with a low salary, Tian Xian liquid is really an economic burden. Hope exists, however, as long as I survive. I thank Tian Xian liquid for saving my life.