Thyroid Cancer Survivor: If Only I Had Known Tian Xian Earlier

Taiwan, Zhu Zhi Chi, 62


I have gone to many hospitals for diagnosis and treatments. How many people’s lives are troubled by cancer! I had to go to various hospitals and face various doctors. I believed that I could get to know good doctors and good treatments so as to rid myself of the cancer monster.

From the beginning, the doctors’ diagnoses were always unclear. At the beginning of 1995, I went for an examination since I constantly coughed but nothing seemed wrong with the function of my heart. The doctor thought it was asthma and the lowering function of the heart. The treatment recommended had no effect on my problem. One year later, I spit out bloody phlegm and again, consulted doctors in the hospital. Again, nothing could be found nor confirmed. I had to seek the advice of an eye-ear-nose-throat (EENT) doctor familiar with these particular organs. The doctor found my symptoms strange and referred me to a chest doctor in a bigger hospital. The doctor there finally diagnosed thyroid gland cancer.

That was January 16, 1996. I cannot remember the details anymore except that I felt darkness envelop me; an indescribable fear gripped my heart. I have caught cancer and nothing can help me now. I had to verify with my daughter what the doctor said. She repeated that the doctor gave me three months to live. Stubborn as can be, my daughter declared this to be impossible. “You cannot just wait to die!” she exclaimed.

Initially, I had an operation to remove the thyroid gland and the doctor suspected that the tumor still remained in my body so I had to undergo radiation treatment next. I received treatment in the hospital during the day and went home at night to sleep. During all this time, I did not stop coughing and spitting out bloody phlegm. I gradually lost my appetite. Thus, every painful day dragged by. At last, I could no longer utter a sound and lost my trust in that hospital.

I consulted the EENT again and he suggested having another examination. I was instructed to go to the hospital where his former teacher worked. Although at that point, the decision to have my throat removed and a metal duct installed in its stead had already been made, my daughter and I heard that the operations performed in that hospital all failed. So, just before the scheduled operation, I left the hospital temporarily on the grounds that my daughter was going to be married. I secretly transferred to a Buddhist hospital, but the operation performed there also failed.

When I again went to the hospital in September, the doctor said that when my windpipe is removed and a duct installed, I will recover my voice and coughing will stop. Hoping that this will come true, I subjected myself to such an operation. I was gravely depressed by the results of the operation because I have totally lost my voice and the duct in my throat often fell off. Since the duct was not properly installed, it even dropped into my bowl once when I was eating. My family never complained and I was very grateful for this. My wife and daughters must have shed a lot of tears behind me. At that time, my daughter saw the advertisement of Tian Xian liquid and visited Mr. Xu, the consultant. Now, I know that it is Mr. Xu who saved my life! If it were not for his advice, I would not have recovered my voice.

Mr. Xu is a very careful person. He instructed me on how to drink Tian Xian liquid and introduced Doctor Gao from the hospital attached to the Taipei Medical Institute.

Since this hospital carries western medicine treatments, I did not place too much hope in it. Doctor Gao, however, was really different from the other doctors I have previously consulted. In fact, all the people in this hospital seemed to be kind.

I had to receive radiation treatment and was able to speak after the fifteen session. My vast joy was beyond description. I sincerely felt that life was so good. It was unbelievable that after losing my voice because of radiation treatment, I recovered it by radiation treatment too. It was all due to Tian Xian liquid.

Although cancer cells did not disappear completely, they did not transfer nor spread. The tumor was found to have shrunk. My weight rose to 70kg from 60kg after the operation.

Not until recently did I know that the doctor once predicted that I only had three months to live. I believe that my wife and children hid this truth from me and suffered more for the knowledge. I relate all my experiences to those who are fighting cancer but have not taken Tian Xian liquid. For my family, I will continue to fight.