Thyroid Cancer Survivor: Feel The Essence Of Never Giving Up

Mr. Ikeyama, 41
Yamanashi County, Japan

It is ten years since cancer was found in my thyroid gland

At first, I had to undergo an operation to remove my thyroid gland. Eight and a half years passed in peace but suddenly, cancer cells were again found in my lung, brain and neck. Another operation was performed but soon the cancer cells spread to my two lungs and the doctor gave me three to four years to live.

At that time, I was only 30 years old and could not simply give up. After the last operation, I tried all means effective to combat cancer, including changing my diet with the help of my wife.

In May the following year, cancer cells invaded my lymph gland at the neck and again, an operation was done to remove it. In July, another operation was performed to cut open my windpipe because breathing had become difficult.

I had always been fond of delicious food so that the diet treatment called for sacrifice on my part. Due to the pressure created in line with my work, I sometimes could not pay attention to minute details. I was getting quite depressed about my situation. In August, I suffered from pneumonia and had blood in the phlegm for no reason. I, again, had to go to the hospital for hypercalcinemia. My weight dropped from 65 kg to 45 kg and I was terribly weakened by all the surgical procedures being done.

Once my strength was lost, various symptoms occurred one after another.

As soon as pneumonia was cured, my voice turned hoarse in winter. In February the following year, as I was to undergo isotope radiation treatment to prevent another attack, bloody phlegm again manifest. Frankly speaking, I thought by then that I was going to die. No effect whatsoever was derived from the long list of treatments I had undergone. At this time, I had thought that there was no other option for me but to take Tian Xian liquid.

I bought books about the subject matter and placed an order for the product from the general agency in Hong Kong. Although I was, at that time, still quite doubtful of the reports about the recovery of patients and the 80% success rate, I had decided that I had nothing to lose at this point. If these claims were merely promotions, at least, I had given it a try.

There are numerous cases where consumers were cheated by various kinds of health food in the market, including traditional Chinese medicine. Since the isotope radiation treatment was not working, however, I cannot but place my last hope on Tian Xian liquid. I thought that everyone dies anyway and simply plunged into my work. Thus, with this fatal acceptance, my mood turned cheerful. Ten days after I began to take Tian Xian liquid, the bloody phlegm disappeared. In another week, the pain in my chest stopped. My hoarse voice turned to normal and my complexion became healthy. Eventually, I was able to resume my normal life. Now, my weight has increased to 51 kg and I can go camping for two days and three night in summer. I feel that I owe all these privileges to Tian Xian liquid.