Stomach Cancer Survivor: Start With The Victory At The Wei Qi Competition

Tochigi County, Mr. Furotaka, 74


In March 1999, the doctor diagnosed me as suffering from stomach cancer. Surgery took care of removing two thirds of my stomach. Although I soon recovered, my health worsened from June onwards. My weight dropped drastically and I was bothered by the suspicion that the cancer had metastasized. These ill-meaning thoughts and suspicions haunted me. I went to the hospital for an examination and soon, the cancer indication (CA 19-9) was a little higher. The normal range is 35-37 but mine was 118-125, 153-180 and was climbing month by month. It even reached 248 in December.

At that time, I read books written by Dr. Wang Zhengguo and began to drink Tian Xian liquid.

An examination in January confirmed that the cancer attacked again. The doctor in charge met with my family to prepare them for the inevitable. After drinking Tian Xian liquid, however, my strength seemed to recover. Nine months later, I took part in the Wei Qi competition organized by the local government out of curiosity. I became the winner! To win with so little time for preparation, it was important to focus intensely on the goal. To bring what is achieved in training into full play, mental and physical strength is required. If one is in a sorry physical state, it is impossible to win. As for me, I really felt my strength peaked in the competition.

In January 2001, I went to the hospital to undergo various examinations. The ECHO exam which was conducted first, was no different from the last examination. The CT scan on the abdomen, endoscopy, and X-ray on the chest were done. The doctor uttered what made me deliriously happy. “Everything is normal!” As he expressed his satisfaction over my test results, I thought that everything was due to Tian Xian liquid.

So called treatments now involved nothing more than taking medicine and having regular check-ups, which invariably reveal that everything is normal. I am convinced that I should thank the mysterious power from medicinal herbs in Chang Bai Mountain that helped me defeat cancer.