Stomach Cancer Survivor: Side Effects was Prevented by Tian Xian Liquid

Stomach Cancer Survivor - Side Effects was Prevented by Tian Xian LiquidMr. Watase Nobuyuki (56, Saga)

Surgery removed 75% of my stomach. I left the hospital about a week later. My daughter who was living in Tokyo returned to Saga to take care of me, and she brought me a book about China No. 1 Tian Xian Liquid, I couldn`t wait to try the medicine.

I began taking the Tian Xian Liquid 6 times a day (10 ml each time). According to the doctor, almost all patients would feel uneasy in the chest and sometimes would want to vomit after the surgery. “It`s a normal reaction” the doctor said.

After drinking Tian Xian Liquid, I did not feel any immediate reaction. I lost 20kgs (85kg to 65kg) because of the surgery. I gained 10kgs a year later, and 5kgs more after 3 years. The size of my stomach also returned to normal.

“…My recovery astonished the doctor!”

After I regained my health, I returned to work as a volunteer firefighter. I needed to inject medication once a week in combination with Tian Xian Liquid to maintain my immune system. I think it must have been Tian Xian Liquid that relieved me from the possible side effects.

The senior doctor told me that the cancer can recur within 2 years. However, there was no sign of recurrence after 3 years.

Even the follow-up quarterly examination did not show anything wrong.