Stomach Cancer Survivor: Recurrence of Stomach Tumor

Ms. Kurosawa Kiku, 87

It was in November 1995 when my mother (Ms. Kurosawa Kiku) told me that she felt exceptionally tired when she wakes up in the morning. We went to a GP clinic and an endoscope examination confirmed that her stomach cancer (CEA, mark 2.7) had recurred. To avoid the severe side effects of chemotherapy, she used other Chinese medicine, but the effect was unsatisfactory.

In February 1996, her grandson brought back Tian Xian Liquid from Taiwan. (It is very famous in Taiwan). I gave my mother four bottles a day (1 bottle = 10cc).

It was surprising that the mark went down to 2.0 after using it for just 1 month. In May, the mark fell to 1.6 and continued to lower.

…mark went down
to 2.0 in just one month.

In August 1996, the miraculous medicine cured my mother (took away the tumor). She then stopped using it.

In October, she was infected by an unknown acute intestinal inflammation, which caused a fever of 40ºC and diarrhea for three consecutive days. After hospitalization for three months, she went home but the diarrhea started again and the mark rose to 2.7.

January 1997, I started giving her three bottles of Tian Xian Liquid a day. By October, the mark had fallen to 1.4 and the condition remained stable. Then I reduced her intake to a bottle a day. Now she feels no pain. Although she is a bit weak, she has a good appetite.

…now she feels no pain.

*Note: It is best to continue intake of Tian Xian Liquid (in small dosage) even after the tumor has diminished.