Stomach Cancer Survivor: Feel The Essence Of Life Again

Mr. Watase, 56
Saga County


In May 1999, I was told I had one type of progressive stomach cancer. I subjected my self to surgery at the Social Insurance Hospital in He Zuo County. About three fourths of my stomach was cut off and I stayed in the hospital for a week.

At that time, my daughter, who was in Tokyo, came back to He Zuo to take care of me. She brought with her a book about Tian Xian liquid. Before I finished reading the book, I was already eager to start drinking Tian Xian liquid as soon as possible.

One week after the operation, I began to drink Tian Xian liquid with the doctor’s permission. The dosage was 10ml every four hours and 6 times per day. After the operation, the doctor had explained that patients would normally feel constriction in the chest and vomit without exception, so I should not worry if such were to happen. Contrary to his prediction, not once did I vomit and I recovered easily.

I received injections of immune booster for a week but did not feel any side effect so I thought it must be due to Tian Xian liquid. My weight dropped from 80 kg to 65 kg after the operation. It rose to 75 kg in one years time and to 80 kg three years later. My stomach also recovered its normal functions and so did my appetite. Even the doctor was surprised. The doctor warned that cancer might attack again within two years but three years have passed since then and still there is no sign of another attack. The tests every three months so far had not shown anything wrong. Now, my life has returned to normal and I also returned to my firefighting post and began to engage in sports again.