Stomach Cancer Survivor: Even in its final stages, Stomach Cancer can be Helped

Mr. Zhang Yu Qiang, 38

I work at the government office in China. Four years ago, at age 33, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The doctors told me that I’d better prepare my family for my funeral.

I felt depressed… when the doctors said
I had only 1 year left to live.

I felt depressed and almost fainted when the doctors said I had only one year left to live,  I felt so hopeless. When I read about Tian Xian Liquid in a magazine, it was a desperate act before my impending death. I visited Dr. Wang to talk to him and take the medicine immediately.

In the second year, I only took Tian Xian Liquid. For 3 years, I followed Dr. Wang’s directions, eating green and yellow vegetables and fruits and cutting back on my smoking.

…the tumor has diminished

Now, the pain is gone and the tumor has diminished. I can ride my bicycle to work again and I am living a happy life with my family.